100 Word Challenge

  A popular thing people like to do is travel. But what is the best way to travel for you and the environment?

      I think for short distances it’s a bike. I know they can’t go very fast but they work well. Airplanes are the best for long distances. I feel like once they get up into the air, they don’t use that much. But the best would be a natural form of transportation. Such as a horse. I know they would get tired, but you don’t have to go fast. 

     What do you think are the best forms of transportation?

Week #9 100 Word Challenge

Hurricanes can be very scary. You might have to evacuate your home and leave the whole city or area.  Lots of people have never been in one before, but I’m sure you would be afraid. Some people might not be able to leave and will maybe have to go into a random industry. Lots of times the power goes out, and red emergency lights go off. I myself have never been in a  hurricane. But this is what I imagine it would be like if I was in one. If you have been in one before, comment on my blog.