100 Word Challenge

Bob’s favorite past time is watching humans.  The humans just celebrated an event called New Years. He was able watch it through his satellite which is out in space. When Bob was watching them, he saw somebody playing a game that was popular last year, which seemed odd because it’s not last year, he thought. Something else cought his eye that was going on at a space station. He thought it looked like they were aiming something at him, but he wasn’t sure. He saw light starting to form inside it, and then it shot out at him. Uh Oh.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. I really like how you’ve combined really ordinary things, like the aliens name being Bob, with the extraordinary, aliens, space telescopes, and space stations. I was a little confused by the game, and was hoping for some clarification, but everything changed when we fired a laser at him. Hopefully he’s okay… and doesn’t retaliate.

    1. Thank you for your feeback! It really helps knowing that people read mine and like it. I know you were asking about the game, and the only reason why I didn’t put a game is because I didn’t want to put one knowbody knew. Again, thanks for the feedback!!

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