My One Wish

If I could have one wish it would be to make there be no trash in the entire world. I know it would start to pile up even after the wish has happened, but it would be really good for the environment. I also feel like we would have more drive to keep the world clean because we would kind of have a fresh start. My wish was between no emmisions, or no trash, and I chose no trash. I feel like it would have more of an impact. It would also really help the ocean.


What’s your one wish?

One thought on “My One Wish

  1. The amount of trash we produce is a problem. How can we encourage people to reduce waste and recycle more? I know we recycle paper at the school, but I feel that there are other things we can do. Recycle plastics? Stop using Styrofoam for lunches? Both of those things could make a huge difference!

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